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I was born in 1984 in the rural areas of Zimabwe Matabeleland North Province in the district of Lupane.I  am from a familly of 7 (3 boys and 4 girls) and I was raised by a single mother. My father died when I was 13 years old and my mother took the responsibility of 7 children. We survived with our neighbors’ help; sometimes teachers at school would help me. My mother died during Zimbabwe`s hard economic situation and I was attending school and not working. After my mother died in 2007, I took the responsibility to educate my young brothers and sisters who were still at Primary level. When I started pursuing poetry/art as a source of living, no one in my family supported me as they said it was a waste of time. I was criticized by every one who knew me until they saw my name on Zimbabwe`s biggest newspaper: Chronicle.  When they saw me on television, people  in the community started calling me.

  •  I speak Ndebele
  • I am the third born of both Late  FANYANA DUBE( meaning small boy) AND Restina Sibada.
  • I did my Primary education at Kenyandavu prymary school and did my secondary at Siyamagoza Secondery school.
  • I started art at primary as an actor at School and at grade 3 i played  King Solomon
  • I am interested in music as well

In 1997, a group singing acapella came to our school  and I fell in love with the music. As students we formed our own group and named it “Hlekelela“ meaning ‘smile’. In secondary  school, we continued with our group since we were in the same school. After completing my ordinary level, I left home to go to Botswana for greener pastures and I was arrested since I did not have a passport, I was detained for 3 days  and while in custody, I was beaten and deported. I met a friend who took me from Bulawayo  to Victoria  Falls to look for a job and stayed at his home(Lovemore Sibanda). While there, I became ill and my mother came to see me and brought the results from my school. I had passed! My mother nursed me back to health and she spoke with my friend (he was years older than me and working) who agreed to take me back to school to do advanced levels. I entered  at Mosi-oa Tunya High School in Vic Falls and met my former teacher who knew about my background. In 2005, the Iranian president visited Zimbabwe and I was chosen to recite a praise poem. The art and culture teacher, Mrs Mpofu, was looking for a poet in a school that had 1500 pupils. My former teacher recommended me and the H.O.D gave me the poem and I recited it at the Victoria Airport.

I formed a small music group with my friends and named it “Insizwa Ezimnyama” meaning Black guys. I was seen by a  group that was singing in a hotel. The group was  called `Victoria Falls Ubuntu Bomuntu. I joined them and sang with them for 5 years. I was employed at Kingdom hotel as a room attendant and was fired because they said I was too talkative. I then worked  at Victoria Falls hotel as a waiter for a year ( May 2007- june 2008) but I was sacked because they said i was talkative.  In 2009 , I was employed by the Ministry of Education Art sport and culture as a teacher at my former school, Mosi oa Tunya High School.  I was reunited with my former teachers who knew me as an artist. That is when my poetry career  started because I became  the Director of Ceremonies. The school had a speech and price giving day and the guest of honor was  Vice Chancellor of the University of Science and Technology, Dr. P Makhurane, who was a traditional man. I was given a task to compose a praise poem for him and gave the poem to a student who failed. The head asked me to recite the poem personally. Everyone was impressed and the district education officer was there and he invited me to do the same for a Provincial Merit Awards. At the provincial merit awards, the guest of honor was the Zimbabwe`s vice president  John Landa Nkomo. Two weeks later he had  a big function  for  the official opening of his own school, Landa J  Nkomo High School, and the guest of honor was  Zimbabwe ‘s head of state, the president. The vice president invited me and I was the director of ceremony and recited a praise poem for him. That was my first day to meet other Zimbabwe musicians  who were entertaining. I met Jeys Marabin ,a jazz musician, and he invited me to his  home in Bulawayo. He inspired and encouraged me to record my album. I did as he said and the album “Uhambo Lwami “ won the outstanding poet award.

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  1. Sabona bhuti wami omuhle…ngikufisela okuhle kuphela empilweni yakho mfoka Dube.ngingomunye wabalandeli bakho but ngokuzalwa ngiseplumtree eNtoli.ngingumama oseleminyaka engu38.ziyangibusisa kakhulu inkondlo zakho mnawami.ikakhulu le ethi uhambo lwami yangithinta kakhulu ngazibona sengisehlisa inyembezi ngingedwa.
    Ngizwa usizi ngoba abazali bakho kade bahamba ngabe yibo abaziqhenya ngokuthi bazala iqhawe elinguwe.kungasenani yintando kankulunkulu ungowethu sonke.ngabe useduze lami bengizokucela ukuthi ungenzele inkondlo ngeyami impilo ngicecise ngayo endlini yami ukuze ingane zami zibelwazi lami olwami uhambo.halaalala Dube ngikutshayela ihlombe inkosi ikugcine.

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